Debunking 4 Common Myths About Dentures

April 2, 2023

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Dentures are a tried-and-true solution for replacing missing teeth, and of the estimated 35 million Americans who are missing all of their pearly whites, about 90% of them turn toward dentures to restore their oral functionality. But sadly, there are many myths and falsehoods attributed to dentures that discourage patients from getting them! Despite what you’ve heard through the grapevine, dentures remain a great option for restoring smiles. Keep reading as your dentist debunks four common myths surrounding them.

Myth #1. Dentures Always Look Fake

There are different levels of quality when it comes to false teeth, and while it’s true that wearing dentures made from cheaper materials won’t always look realistic, high-quality dentures are gorgeous and will resemble your natural smile! These restorations are made from the best available materials and utilize neuromuscular principles to minimize mouth wrinkles and loose skin around the neck and chin. A precise level of care is also used to customize the dentures for your mouth, further ensuring a lifelike appearance while they’re being worn.

Myth #2. They’re Only Intended for Older Patients

Missing teeth is a serious problem that everyone is susceptible to, regardless of how old they are—and while it might seem more common for older patients to have dentures, they certainly aren’t limited to just that demographic. Dentures are not age specific, meaning that patients of all ages can qualify for them! For instance, young athletes who play contact sports, as well as individuals who’ve suffered jaw trauma, are potential candidates for dentures.

Myth #3. They Eliminate the Need for Dental Care

Even though dentures are intended to replace natural teeth, that doesn’t mean you should neglect to care for them! You’ll still need to keep your dentures clean by brushing and soaking them as instructed; not only can your dentures become sullied from the things you eat and drink, but they can also exacerbate oral health issues if they’re left in an unclean mouth. You’ll also want to visit your dentist regularly so that they can inspect the integrity of your restoration.

Myth #4. They Can Be Worn All the Time

There are different types of dentures, but it’s worth noting that the majority of them are removable and not intended to be worn 24/7. Fixed dentures, which are retained with the help of dental implants, are an exception to this. But as for traditional dentures, they rely on suction, adhesives, and muscle control while being worn and need to be removed at night (aside from the initial adjustment phase). This allows your mouth to rest and also provides you with the perfect chance to clean your dentures.

If you or someone you know has missing teeth, don’t let these falsehoods fool you; dentures are a fantastic restorative solution and can save your smile from the many problems that result from lost pearly whites.

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For years, Dr. George Keanna has provided an exceptional level of care for patients and families in the Albuquerque, NM area. Dr. Keanna received his DDS from the Georgetown University School of Dentistry and is a proud member of numerous professional organizations, including the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. If you have any questions about the article or you’d like to arrange a visit for you or a loved one, feel free to contact Dr. Keanna through his website or over the phone for further assistance: (505) 292-8533.

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