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Let Us Support Your Health Goals

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We welcome all health-conscious patients who are interested in personalized, premium holistic dental services. However, there are some groups of people who may have specific concerns and wonder if we might be able to help them. Below, you will learn about some of the conditions and situations that we have particular experience with and knowledge of. As always, if you have questions about what you read, please reach out to us directly.

Patients with Autoimmune Conditions

Patient with autoimmune condition checking her temperature

Research has revealed strong associations between oral health problems and autoimmune conditions. For example, tooth loss and a heightened risk of rheumatoid arthritis are correlated with each other. Digestive issues, such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, may be exacerbated by imbalances in the body’s microbiome, which is significantly affected by the types of bacteria in your mouth. We stay up to date on the latest research in these areas so we can be your partners on your journey toward improved wellness.

Those Who Are Chemically Sensitive

Young chemically sensitive patient wearing a protective face mask

Chemical sensitivities are quite common. If you are concerned about the presence of chemicals in a dental office, we invite you to talk to us to find out what we can do for you. We use highly advanced filtration technology to remove as many particles from the air as possible, and we are extremely picky about the materials we use. We want everyone, even chemically sensitive individuals, to feel like they can thrive in our dental office.

Individuals Who Are Gluten Intolerant

Woman with gluten intolerance holding stomach in pain

More and more individuals are trying to avoid gluten, whether they have been diagnosed with a gluten intolerance or they simply suspect that they are sensitive to it. Unfortunately, avoiding gluten is difficult in many dental offices because most types of topical anesthetics, polishing pastes, and other materials contain artificial flavors that feature gluten. At Natural Dental Services, we avoid such products so our gluten-intolerant patients have nothing to worry about.

Referrals from All Types of Allopathic Alternative Healthcare Providers

Woman with a referral from an allopathic alternative healthcare provider with headache

We see patients from Naturpathic Practitioners, Osteopaths, and TCM Providers.

Patients Undergoing Cancer Treatment

Patient in hospital undergoing cancer treatment

Conventional cancer treatments, including chemotherapy and radiation, can have adverse effects on a patient’s oral health. We acknowledge that, which is why we go the extra mile to learn about your health conditions and how your treatments may be affecting your teeth, gums, and other aspects of your oral health. Whether you are struggling with dry mouth, battling an infection, or want to take proactive steps to protect your smile before you begin cancer treatment, we are ready to help.