Holistic Dentistry – Albuquerque, NM

Treating Whole-Body Health

Woman eating an apple after a holistic dentistry visit

The mouth and body are closely connected. The oral systemic connection, the mouth has long been revered as the body's barometer. Many signals of distress can bee seen in the mouth. As a result, the environment of the oral cavity can negatively or positively impact the rest of your body’s organs, tissues, and other vital components, and vice versa. As a biological dentist, Dr. Keanna is committed to providing a natural approach to dentistry that focuses on treating oral health problems in a way that benefits the body as a whole. If you believe you might be a suitable candidate for holistic dentistry from our Albuquerque, NM holistic dentist, contact us today to learn more.

Why Choose Natural Dental Services for Holistic Dentistry?

  • Biological Dentist with More Than 20 Years in the Field
  • Advanced Dental Technologies for Improved Patient Experience
  • Personalized Attention by Seeing Only One Patient at a Time

SMART/Mercury-Amalgam Filling Removal

Animated smile with tooth-colored filling after SMART mercury amalgam filling removal

SMART stands for “Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique, and it is the standard we use when removing mercury fillings. Because mercury is harmful to both humans and the environment, we can use the SMART protocol to remove old silver amalgam fillings in the safest possible way. Developed by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT), SMART requires various steps we will follow before using appropriate materials to fill your tooth and ensure a healthier smile.

Learn More About Safe Amalgam Removal

Ozone Treatments

Dental patient receiving ozone treatment

We employ the use of ozone during various procedures, to disinfect or decontaminate an area. We do not use ozone for some procedures. To find out more, please give us a call.

BPA-Free Dentistry

Dental patient receiving B P A free dentistry

At Natural Dental Services, you will not find BPA (Bisphenol A) materials in our dental office. As hormone disruptors, they’re often found in dental sealants and other plastic composites. Because studies have found BPA can cause physical and neurological harm, Dr. Keanna uses only fillings, sealants, and other products that are free of any BPA. This ensures you remain safe while receiving preventive, cosmetic, or restorative treatment.

Bio-Compatibility Testing

Dentist performing bio compatibility testing

Before undergoing restorative dental work, we recommend bio-compatibility testing. This determines the type of dental materials that are safe to use when preparing for a specific method of treatment. Whether completed at a doctor’s office or laboratory, you will have blood drawn and sent off for analysis. Based on the findings as to whether you have an immune response to various products and materials, we can identify which materials are best for your restorative care.

Gluten-Free Accommodating Dentistry

Woman receiving gluten free accommodating dentistry

If you have a gluten intolerance, you’ll be pleased to learn we are a gluten-free dental office. What this means is we do not use polishing pastes, topical anesthetics, or other products that might contain gluten. Instead, we choose products that are safe for all patients and will not elicit an allergic response.

Fluoride & Aluminum-Free Dental Products

Variety of fluoride and aluminum free dental products

While many dental offices offer fluoride treatments and aluminum dental products, you will not find these here in our Albuquerque dental office. Although a natural mineral, fluoride exposure can impact a person’s physical and neurological behaviors as well as cause dental fluorosis, which permanently damages and discolors tooth enamel. Instead, we use other natural methods.