About Our Holistic Dental Office – Albuquerque, NM

Caring for Your Mouth and Body

Doctor Keanna and two friendly dental team members

Here at Natural Dental Services, Dr. Keanna and our small team care about more than our patients’ mouths. We focus on the complex interactions between mouth and body with a view to promoting the long-term, overall wellness of those who trust us to care for them. To learn more about our dental office and the level of dedication we have to you, read our mission statement below. If you have questions about what you find, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Mission Statement

Friendly dental team member handing dental patient a clipboard

Every dental office evolves into its own specialty. At Natural Dental Services, we have come to love exploring the impact that science has had on general dentistry. We believe that the environment can impact the way we live our lives.

Here, we strive to minimize the exposure to environmental toxins and dental toxins that exist quite regularly in the dental field. We avoid using materials that are known endocrine disruptors or materials that contain the world’s most abundant element, aluminum. While on its own aluminum is not toxic, neither is it innocent or benign. It is not needed in the body, and it can accumulate in the kidneys, lungs, brain, liver, and thyroid, where it competes with calcium for absorption and has been known to affect skeletal mineralization.

We focus on individualized dentistry; we know our patients. Just as a fingerprint is unique, so is each dental patient. We understand that. From our first conversation to the exam and throughout treatment, we listen to our patients’ concerns. We put the patient’s health and care first. We will strive to give the patient the best possible result. Sometimes this means that we might need to collaborate dental care with other colleagues or providers to ensure that all dental concerns and issues are addressed. We are dedicated to our patients and try not to overbook care.

Our patients are encouraged to have a test for individual dental material compatibility, especially if their immune system is compromised. These are scientifically backed, giving us peace of mind that our dentistry will not impact the patient in their day to day life.