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Bio-Compatibility Testing

A Biological Dental Practice can be described as a dental office that stresses the use of non-toxic restorative materials for all dental work. It also focuses on the unrecognized impact that dental toxins and hidden dental infections and oral inflammation can have on one’s overall health. Therefore, we strongly recommend that each patient have their own bio-compatibility test done for dental materials before any dental work is begun.

A nurse will draw 10 ml of blood from a patient, either at a local laboratory or a doctor’s office. This sample is then sent to Clifford Consulting & Research, Inc. ( for analysis. This will test each patient’s blood serum against over 5000 dental products and materials to ascertain if they elicit an immune response or not. All products that are listed as suitable (s) do not elicit an immune response to the patient’s serum and those that do cause a response are designated as non-suitable (ns) for usage. Both the patient and the dentist receive these reports. If a patient relocates then it is a simple matter to continue dental treatment with another biological dentist with the same dental materials and products that the patient has been using.

Patients with compromised immune systems or who lack substantive recent exposures to some substances reactive for the patient may not have sufficient antibody titers to be detected in laboratory testing. Suggestion of biological suitability is not the only matter in determining what will be used. A product may need to be used regardless of potential reactivity due to limitations of available products for the specific need. Final selection of products must bring professional judgment to bear and thus remains a matter between the patient and the dentist.

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I am writing to say how much I appreciate my dentist. I appreciate him and all of his office folks, their kindness and explaining my choices. I choose to have some plaque removed recently. My teeth feel better. They look so much whiter. He and all the ladies there really listens to what I ask. Thanks

Sharon McClelland Schnupp

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