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Anti-Amalgam Links

The following links provide a variety of information relating to biological and mercury free dentistry, integrative health care, testing and my sites reflecting some of my personal interests.

The International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine:

International listing of mercury free dentists, health care practitioners and products. Information with articles, scientific information, news and links to many resources relating to dentistry, health and environmental issues:

International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology is a great site about biological dentistry and oral medicine with many scientific references and streaming videos and books:

Large site with many links on scientific references on mercury:

Amalgam / Mercury Dental Filling Toxicity.

Common questions/answers regarding mercury amalgams - Questions and Answers concerning the Dental Materials in your mouth and your health! Are the "Silver" fillings in your teeth REALLY silver?

Mercury Maze Webring

NICO AND APS - Two Rare Diseases Which May Have a Significant Impact o... - Undiagnosed Pain in the Mandible - possible NICO, osteonecrosis and coagulation disorder

Dental Recycling North America, Inc.:

Mercury Handling:

ARE YOUR FILLINGS SAFE? From The Cancer Chronicles #16 © August 1993 by Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D:

More Excerpts from The Thinking Person's Guide from the Thinking Person's Guide to Perfect Health DENTAL AMALGAM MERCURY POISONING:

Holistic Dentistry:

Dr. Shankland’s web page on Amalgam, TMJ, Cavitations, Root Canals, etc.

Dental Disease Prevention and Resources (lots of links)

Biological Dentistry on the Big Island of Hawaii and links:


Prostate Health Resources:

Karen Snyder's story

World Health Organization

1.6 Million Kids Risk Mercury Poisoning:

Book, Mercury Free Dentistry by Dr. Hardy:

Treatment of Mercury and Lead Poisonings with Dimercaptosuccinic Acid (DMSA) and Sodium Dimercaptopropanesulfonate (DMPS)

Mercury and Amalgams

The Evidence Linking Silver-Mercury Fillings to Alzheimer's Disease by Kip Sullivan, JD

Dr. Vermette’s site (Maine):

Dangers of Amalgam (Mercury) Fillings:

Holistic Information Resource:

Peak Energy Performance:

Root Canal Links:


Cancer: Dental risk: dental metal, root filling! Heart attack - Cancer: 100% of all root canals result in residual infection due to the imperfect seal that allows bacteria to penetrate. The toxins given off by these bacteria are more toxic than mercury.

Root Canals – Hal Huggins, DDS:

Cavitation Links:

NICO Ultrasonic Imaging

Clinical Features of NICO

Root Canals and Cavitations:


Health Effects: Fluoride Warnings for Infants:

International Society for Fluoride Research

Fluoridation / Fluoride Toxic Chemicals In Your Water:

Fluoride Issues

First Do No Harm:

Zero Waste America


Wisconsin Mercury SourceBook, sponsored by the EPA with recommendations for dental offices:

Effects of mercury in the Environment:

Pro-Amalgam links:

Check these sites first to find out what the 'official' pro-amalgam position is.

The American Dental Association (ADA).

Ivoclar Vivadent Another manufacturer of dental amalgam. No mention of mercury whatsoever.

Silmet Ltd. a state-of-the-art manufacturer of amalgam alloys, all certified by the American Dental Association.

Federal panel response casts more doubt on "silver" fillings safety

In early September 2006, a US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory panel rejected a federal report that said silver fillings are safe. The panel said that more research is needed to assess the potential risk of these filings in the general population, and especially in children and pregnant women.

Here is a sampling of the news coverage that resulted:

Good Morning America: Are Your Mercury Tooth Fillings Safe?

Chicago Tribune: Silver fillings: should you worry?

Los Angeles Times: FDA Advisors Find Holes in Report on Dental Fillings

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